About Us

Welcome to Maraqah! 

We're incredibly proud to have you onboard on this heartwarming journey. Let us introduce ourselves and our brand, which is all about embracing the warmth of home.

At Maraqah, we believe in the cooking fundamentals that our grandparents cherished, especially when it comes to preparing stocks and broths. We know it demands time, love, and attention, but our busy lives often make it challenging to maintain this tradition.

In our fast-paced world, making homemade stock can seem like a luxury. We've resorted to stock cubes and powders, but none truly fulfill our desires for flavor, cleanliness, and convenience. That's why Maraqah was born, out of a passionate mother's quest to provide her family with a better alternative.

Developed in a household with full-time working parents, Maraqah Natural Stock Bases are the result of tireless experimentation. The perfect stir-in paste was crafted, free from MSG and preservatives, providing complete control over every ingredient used in family meals.

After receiving phenomenal feedback from friends and neighbors, we knew Maraqah had to be shared with other home-cooks seeking wholesome, flavorful, and natural stock options. Our mission is to give you the freedom to savor the timeless flavors of home-made stock, without compromising on cleanliness or convenience.

Join us on this journey, and let Maraqah infuse your cooking with love and tradition, one teaspoon at a time.